Real estate sales at their highest since 2008, with a hundred a day in March

The construction sector on the Costa del Sol is showing clear signs of revival, with more projects approved and a 13 per cent rise in employment in the first quarter

Property sales in the province are at their highest since 2008, the year when the real estate bubble burst, according to statistics regarding the Transfer of Property Rights in March which were published last week.

The figures show that 2,925 properties changed hands during that month, which is almost...

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Why NOW Is The Perfect Time To Purchase Property On The Costa Del Sol

After the property crisis the average property price decreased by over 30%, the Costa del Sol was not affected at that rate and the recovery rate was much quicker and became stable more rapidly than the other areas in Spain. 
Now the price of property in rising in prime areas like the Costa Del Sol, it has become a perfect time to invest in property here.

The Time Is Right To Buy
Sure2Sell International has established itself in a unique position in the ...

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Confirmed: Spain’s property market grew a massive 13.6% in 2016

The drip-drip of monthly data on Spain’s property market over the course of 2016 painted a picture that was rosier than an English summer garden in full bloom. with each passing month, the news was getting better and better, so it is no great surprise that the end-of-year data published late last week by the government’s central statistics unit shows that the market grew a massive 13.6% in 2016…

This figure is based on actu...

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Spain continues to recover

BBVA Research, the analytical arm of the Spain-based global bank, is forecasting a 6.5% increase in property transactions across Spain in 2017, allied to average price increases of more than 3.5%.

This positive outlook comes at a time of relative uncertainty in Spain, not least the ongoing issue of just who will be governing the country come 2017, and the as-yet-unresolved Brexit conundrum…

However, BBVA’s analysts take ...

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Reasons to Drop Everything and Move to Spain

Back in 2012 an exodus was taking place in Spain, as expats reluctantly left their dream behind. This retreat continued right on through to 2013, through to the beginning of 2014. The major points of departure were the Costa del Sol, Barcelona and many other high expat coastal areas in Spain. So what was the catalyst for this sad state of affairs? It was of course, the  Read more